Senin, 05 Desember 2016

HokBen Presents 2 New Food Menu

If you visit harga menu HokBen, you can try the new menu. Adding a wide selection of menus there, HokBen presents 2 new menu of two different base materials. Introduction of this new menu held on Friday (09/12/2014) in HokBen Pondok Indah Mall.

One of the new menu is Chicken Steak. This menu is the grilled menu first in the history of HokBen. Your chicken enthusiasts now have more choices when eating at HokBen.

Menu chicken steak HokBen use boneless chicken meat. What's interesting about this menu is the teriyaki sauce as the equivalent of the chicken steak. The tenderness of the chicken meat and spice concoction that seep up into it to make chicken steak HokBen Japanese touch feels special and different from the usual grilled chicken.

Sprinkled with sesame and made using a special grill pan, this menu is offered at a price of Rp. 27 273 (excluding taxes). In addition to presenting new menu made from raw chicken, HokBen also presents a new menu-based fish.

Sakana Katsu is a menu of fish meat is wrapped with a special bread flour so crisp. The fish used as ingredients on the menu are fresh water fish are cultivated with good care.

The fish meat has a high protein content, rich in Omega 3 and low in saturated fat. Katsu plate of Sakana can be enjoyed at a price of USD 27 273 (excluding taxes).

If you're looking forward to enjoying the new menu from HokBen 2, you can quickly come to the outlets directly or utilize the services HokBen Delivery at telephone number 021 500 505 or can be booked online via the website harga menu

Senin, 28 November 2016

Oriflame Skincare Set Optimals White Radiance

As promised is actually a long time already want to write reviews on new products katalog Oriflame. But since I'm not use skincarenya (reason for different skin types and there are still the same problem acne), so I'm looking for information or reviews about this product. This set of new skincare products out in August yesterday. Why the name skincare set? Because in a series, is complete yaaa .. already included a foaming gel, toner, serum, eye cream, day cream and night cream. Well, this is actually a kind of writing that I take some gamabr of FP d'BCN, so it probably did not include reviews of the hell. : D

1. Optimals White Foaming Gel Normal / Combination Skin
Cleanser is the first step in the treatment of facial skin. The goal is to clean the dirt that clog pores or on the surface of the skin. How to use it really easy. Pretty wet face with clean water, then take a little foaming gel is put into your hands, Foam the, then rub and massage into the face. Facial cleansing should be true, but do not be too sad aloud ntar torn skin (lebay: p). If there could use facial brush from Oriflame for optimal cleaning results.

2. Optimals White Balancing Toner Normal / Combination Skin
The second step in the treatment of the skin with toner. Toner helpful to close the pores and prepare the skin to receive the next step. Toner application really easy way, can be taken a little into your hands and then pat to the face, or would be more efficient to use a cotton swab and keep the user pat. There are some people who use toner instead rubbed into the face, this one yaaa .... Why? Because if there rubbed our skin redness, sensitive, smarting wounds. So, simply patted aja ya let Seger.

3. White Optimals Seeing is Believing Eye Cream
 Next up is the use of eye cream. There are still many ciwik-ciwik who like "skip" the use of this eye cream. This fact is important loohhh ... Because the skin around the eyes is sensitive, one might use the products make the skin around the eyes look older than it should. So this eye cream can reduce puffy eyes, panda eyes, small wrinkles or vaguely around the eyes. FYI: Oriflame many variants of eye cream according to the age and health of skin complaints or conditions of our eyes. Pakenya way too easily, take little problem at the fingertips, then ditotolin three or four points below the eye, and then averaged. If I usually do not I brush just ditotol-spotted diratain wrote. Anyway in the eye area, top, bottom, left and right side yaaa .. Let her eyes sparkling

4. Optimals White Radiance Serum
 The next step is the use of serum. Serum works to moisturize, soften and help work day and night cream more optimal. This serum pakenya little problem. Flattened and massaged on the face. If I prefer the twist and pull up let toned skin and make chewy. Owya, after the use of serum, please allow about two menitan for serum absorption, then continued the day cream or night cream.

5. Optimals White Radiance Day Cream SPF 15 Normal / Combination Skin

 Furthermore, the use of a day cream (morning) or night cream (night). As I told you yes, the use of creams and serums should be given pause first, and then let it sink in serum-up cream face. This day cream using that morning, contains SPF to keep our skin let me not exposed to UV rays from the sun that sometimes fantastic sekalee .. Fixed massaged yes, or patted also boleeehhh ..

6. Optimals White Radiance Night Cream Normal / Combination Skin
 Night cream clear yaaa ... dipakenya night before sleep and after the use of serum. Its function is to nourish and moisturize the skin at night. Pas wake deh shiny face.

Why should use a series of new skincare products?

    Suitable for normal and combination skin. Meaning oily combination skin at some point wrote, for example, in the T-zone, whereas in other places, aka dry fine.
    One set is already a series of products. So do not need complicated longer buy cleanser, toner kepisah fragmentary so.
    50:50 Lingon berry contains antioxidants that already patented. Antioxidants are many very helpful jadiiiii dikulit
    Warranty glowing within 7 days had no change more manicured, and bright
    Safe, containing natural ingredients katalog

Kamis, 17 November 2016

Yamaha V-Ixion Recent 2016 Special Edition Coming, Have a USB Port

New 2016 Yamaha V-Ixion, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing released a new variant New Vixion Advance (NVA). Motor sport is offered in addition to the Special Edition label. The information was revealed on Instagram Yamaha Indonesia who released several pictures of this harga Vixion bekas.

In accordance with an additional label pinned on engined 150 cc naked sport, Yamaha added a number of official accessories to make it look more attractive. There are 6 of accessory items embedded in this Yamaha motorcycle. Starting from rainbow screen on the front, middle cowl that makes the body NVX increasingly crowded and tank pad.

While at the bottom there is a muffler cover and engine guard. In addition to protecting the motor, the additional accessory also supports sporty look Vixion Advance. Another feature that can be the attraction is the usb port. This port is embedded in the left side of the handlebar. Its function is definitely a lot to know, namely, to recharge the gadget.

If interested, the price of Yamaha New Vixion Advance Special Edition reached USD 26.8 million on the road in Jakarta. The price offered is higher $ 1 million of NVA standard type. In addition to the above additional accessory, there are no other differences in motor sport.

This motor still rely SOHC engine capacity of 150 cc, with 4 steps and 4 valves. Power that can be presented this machine reaches 16.3 hp at 8500 rpm with a peak torque of 14.5 Nm 7500 rpm rotation paa.

Some time ago PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing has done little refresher on one of its flagship products. NVA comes in four colors and new striping. The first is the color Luminous White is a blend of red and white colors.

In addition there is also a large selection of Hustle Gold with a combination of gray and gold thereby creating the impression of luxury. The next choice is Zeal Red or red light and last Striking Black with a blend of sweetened black and yellow accents. Advance Yamaha V-Ixion carries the sporty and modern concept that is aligned with the two colors are youthful.

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Senin, 10 Oktober 2016

Suzuki Satria Reincarnation From Year To Year

Suzuki Indonesia launched the latest generation of Suzuki harga Satria Fu bekas 150, it looks more fresh and revealing the impression of motor with quick or responsive acceleration, with a blend of color and striping new, more daring. This time, we will provide a brief overview of the changes from the beginning of the Knights of Suzuki's issued up to several reincarnations until now. Here is the reincarnation of the Suzuki Satria from year to year in auto summary from several sources.

1. Suzuki Satria RU 120 S
Suzuki Satria first introduced in 1997 with carrying the machine 2 tak, 120cc, air-cooled, using transmission 5 acceleration and centrifugal clutch system wear. And Suzuki Satria 120 S is Indonesia's first duck machine that uses the machine upright. At a time when other manufacturers are still fall asleep with the ducks 100-110, Suzuki Indonesia answered the challenge by presenting speed hopping Satria 120 S.

2. Suzuki Satria 120 RU R
Because Suzuki Satria 120 S proved less responsive on the pull start, then Suzuki Indonesia in 1998 makes a new type of family in the Suzuki Satria, namely Satria 120 r. With dimunculkannya Satria 120 type R to meet the wishes of the whole person, with speed carrying the same basic machine but on the system trasmisi turned into 6 acceleration and originally on perseneling system using a Rotary system in Exchange for the sport model, namely teeth 1 forward and gear 2 to 6 to the rear. Not just on the transmission, innovations carried out Suzuki, but in the clutch system also overhauled the total using the manual clutch so that early traction motors are more responsive. And initially the Suzuki Satria 120 S using the electric starter and kick starter, on Knights 120 R electric starter off and just use the kick stater only.

3. Suzuki Satria 120 LSCM RU
Before the Knights of RU (2tak) on discontinued due to government regulations that prohibit in its motor 2 is not in the country. Suzuki Indonesia never bring Satria RU 120 LSCM of Suzuki Malaysia Lion or regular called Knights of the sharks. But even though the public response was pretty good, the Knights of Sharks only briefly circulated in Indonesia because of the bumps with government policy.

4. Suzuki Satria Fu 150-CBU
2004 Suzuki Suzuki Satria Fu bring Indonesia 150 from Thailand, Satria Fu 150 but before in from Thailand. Suzuki Indonesia ever tried the market by bringing Suzuki Raider 125 that basic machine similar to the Suzuki Satria Fu 150. Why do I say similar, because the time SUZUKI Raider armed TSCC technology by SUZUKI, while technology in TSCC Satria Fu 150 eliminated.

5. Suzuki Satria Fu 150-CKD
Because the response of the market a hefty fine on the Suzuki Satria Fu 150, then in 2007 the Suzuki Satria started assembled and in production in Indonesia. Suzuki Satria Fu to identify 150 Thailand-made with Suzuki Satria Fu Assembly with Indonesia, is the Knights of Fu 150 artificial Indonesia has used the electric starter while in Thailand the Knights of Fu production still uses engkel (kick starter) or not yet equipped electric starter.

6. Suzuki Satria Fu 150-Button Mode
In 2008, the Suzuki Indonesia did a refresher look at Satria Fu 150 by replacing the headlight shell resembling a light motorcycle GSX-R and the addition of S-DMS mode button that serves to remind motorists in speed drive associated with the machine rotation (rpm), which is still unclear please click the button mode S-DMS.

7. New Suzuki Satria Fu 150
By 2013, Suzuki Indonesia conduct refresher Satria Fu 150 back on. With New frills, SUZUKI SATRIA FU underwent repairs at batok headlights made smaller than ever following the SUZUKI GSX-R lamps. And refinement also in doing on air scoop in charge of directing the wind from the direction of the front for cooling the engine.

8. next, 16 February 2016, PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) 2W at Sentul International Circuit, Bogor has officially launched their swashbuckling Suzuki All New Suzuki Satria F150 fuel Injection tech. All New Satria F150 now appear the more futuristic and sporty design with aerodynamic bodywork. The more aggressive conquest of all the challenges on the road. Using a new engine which adapted the technology of MotoGP Suzuki, All New Satria F150 ready to defeat all opponents with maximum performance and fastest in class underbone 150cc harga motor bike.

Senin, 03 Oktober 2016

Tips to Buy Used Honda Beat, Checks Fast Moving Parts

Honda Beat Bekas , Currently the Indonesian motorcycle market is dominated by automatic scooter or scooter. Sales of motor matic is fairly highly in demand in the market. Even sales beat moped that had glorious few years ago. Not only in a state of just, motor matic former also has many takers.

When you visit a used bike market, you can find a lot of scooter are sold. If your decision to buy a used automatic scooter was made, then one option that you can buy is a Honda Beat. since was first released in 2008, Honda has received several times of refreshment. For the third generation was launched in 2014 and by relying on a successful ESP technology drove him into the scooter with the most efficient engine in its class.

Engine performance 110 cc Honda Beat ESP fairly reliable. Moreover, the presence of ESP technology which makes the fuel consumption becomes more efficient. Honda also pinning feature Idling Stop System (ISS), which allows the engine off automatically when a stationary position for longer than three seconds. This feature is useful to minimize wasted fuel during the trip.

Another advantage offered by the Beat are ergonomics drive relaxed so comfortable to wear maneuver in urban streets. Motorcycle seat height reaches 740 mm, so it can comfortably be ridden by riders with a height of 165 cm. Bids are other interesting features on the motor matic is Combi Brake System (CBS), which will create more leverage and safe braking.

Honda Beat ESP is recommended for your search matic former because the average scooter has not aged. In addition, rarely encountered a problem with the engine or other sectors. Nevertheless, do not forget to pay attention to fast moving parts, especially the CVT. If less fit for use, it does not hurt to immediately replace it.

ESP 2015 Honda Beat 2

You can buy this scooter in online trading site or straight to the former motorcycle showroom. The price of a used 2015 Honda Beat on the market range from USD 9 million to USD 11 million. The selling price of course depends on the state and the completeness of the harga motor second .

When the motor is purchased, it is good for service to the authorized repair shop. The cost of regular service at authorized workshops Honda reaches Rp 60 thousand. As for the great service Rp 275 thousand. The fee is only for contract services only. In addition, the price is relatively friendly scooter component dikatong. For example, air filters BEAT ESP reached Rp 45 thousand to Rp 135 thousand CVT belt and clutch linings Rp 118 thousand. It should be noted, servicing costs and prices above can be different in other places.

Price components Honda Beat:

    Busi: Rp 17.500
    Air Filter: Rp 45.000
    Front brake: Rp 41,000
    Rear brake: Rp 47.000
    CVT belt: Rp 135.000
    Canvas clutch: Rp 118,000
    Oli CVT: Rp 12,500
    Engine oil: Rp 39.500

Specifications Honda Beat ESP 2015:

    Engine: air-cooled single cylinder 108,2cc
    Dimensions LxWxH: 1.873x678x1.074mm (BEAT ESP) and 1.867x678x1.074mm (BEAT POP)
    Wheelbase: 1.256mm
    Ground Clearance: 140mm
    Seat height: 740mm (BEAT ESP) and 735 (BEAT POP)
    Empty Weight: 94 kg (CW) and 95 kg (CBS and CBS-ISS)
    The tank volume: 3.7 liters
    Frame Type: Spine
    Suspension Front: Telescopic
    Rear suspension: monoshock
    Tires Front: 80 / 90-14
    Rear Tires: 90 / 90-14
    Braking System: Standard (CW) and Combi Brake System (CBS and CBS-ISS)

Senin, 26 September 2016

Yamaha Nmax More Elegant After Modification

motor second To make the display more visible Yamaha Nmax dashing certainly a step that must be done with modifications. But, some people still mistakenly modifications. They are only concerned with appearance and low cost of the modification process.

Please note that the after-market accessories offered in the market are not all offered functions, and poor quality of the good. Accessories are sometimes more attractive and more competitive price widely circulated.

But for Mohammad Fauzan, he will not use after market accessories KW or false for this favorite Nmax. "If I did kebih either using expensive well as from the cheap but works awesome," he said while talking to us

Men 26 years, said, because this 150cc scooter is used daily, the legs are the focus of a major modification. Especially in braking, although the factory default is already equipped with the technology Air Brake System (ABS), there remains lacking.

"I replace the front calipers and the rear brake discs Brembo to support the appearance of the motor to be more manly. Even when the brake is pressed too much smoother and more grip, especially I also replace the brake master RCS 15, "he said.

Because the suspension is less qualified factory default, a consultant at one of the privately held company satau replace it with Ohlins complete with tube and setup of a preload. "If the original symptoms of dizziness is still too pronounced," he said ..

Not only the legs that became the main focus to create more manly harga Nmax bekas . "Just piggyback and exhaust is there to be replaced, although Rada big ignition and power on lap down better," he said.

Data modification

Front callipers: Brembo Beet

Rear calipers: Brembo Beet

Disk brakes: Brembo

Master brakes: Brembo RCS 15

Sok breaker back: Ohlins

Close the lock: Bikers

Exhaust: Yoshimura R77 USA

Piggyback: Aftermarket